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How do people listen to music in 2023? A look at the “Engaging with Music” study by IFPI

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Music has the unique power to entertain us, inspire us, console us and even heal us. Fresh new IFPI’s “Engaging with Music” illustrates music listeners’ habits in 2023 across more than 20 markets, exploring how and when people listen to music, how it supports our physical and mental well being, music purchasing habits and the genres people are engaging with: an in-depth analysis about both worldwide and italian data by IFPI, representing the global recording industry.


Eleonora Bianchi – Head of Digital Services, Universal Music Italia
Paola Catò – Director of Streaming and Partners, Sony Music ItalyDavid Price, Director of Insight and Analysis, IFPI
Jessica Keeley – Carter, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing at Warner Music Group
Enzo Mazza – CEO FIMI
Eleonora Rubini – Director Marketing Local, Warner Music Italy

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