Milan Music Week began in 2017 from an innovative idea conceived by the City of Milan, Assomusica (Association of Italian organizers and producers of live musical performances), FIMI (Federation of the Italian Music Industry), NUOVOIMAIE (New Mutual Institute for Artists and Performers), and SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), to dedicate an entire week to music and its commercial market in a city that has always thrived on concerts and music events.

For one week each year, Milan is transformed into a huge event stage, welcoming hundreds of artists, more than 100 content partners presenting more than 160 events located in roughly 65 locations that will open their doors to citizens and music industry insiders while offering a wide range of activities to participants that includes everything from concerts, to workshops, record and book presentations, films, meetings with artists, DJ sets, and much more. MMW’s strength is in the fact that it serves as a dissemination project that caters not only to music fans and enthusiasts, but also to industry professionals and those aspire to become insiders, a group that can make contacts, learn about the industry, and get updated on what’s new and hot during that week.
Milan Music Week, over the years, has become a priority event for the entire Italian entertainment market and an annual event that both the city and the country looks forward to every year.


The City of Milan is among the creators and promoters of the week. Milano Music Week is placed within the format of the city weeks devoted to the programs put in place by the Department of Culture to promote and enhance the music industry and the many creative resources of the Milanese region.

ASSOMUSICA links companies throughout the country that produce approximately 80 percent of the concerts in Italy. The main representative of organizations and institutions for the sector, it raises awareness regarding the cultural, social, and civic value of music. It is the sector’s Italian contact for the European Union.

FIMI is a founding member of Confindustria Cultura Italia and a member of IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry). It represents production and distribution companies in the record industry and provides FIMI/GfK Top of The Music certifications and rankings, surveying sales data for physical, digital, and premium streaming products in Italy.

NUOVOIMAIE is a copyright organization founded and governed by artists, which manages the related rights of performing artists by distributing the fees accrued by them in the audiovisual and music sectors. It represents more than 1 million performing artists in Italy and carries out activities to promote, train and support those in the industry by encouraging any activity directly or indirectly aimed at protecting the cultural product and the work of actors, voice actors and musicians.

SIAE is a collective management organization, i.e., a nonprofit corporation that protects the rights of those who create in order to guarantee authors and publishers fair compensation for their creative work. It deals with the intermediation of copyright in all areas of culture and entertainment: music, cinema, theater, opera, literature, visual arts and radio and television.


AFI – Association of Italian Phonographers, protects the interests of about 760 Small and Medium Enterprises of independent record producers, representing nearly 10 percent of the Italian music scene.

Evolution is an independent collective society, duly registered with AGCOM, and established in 2015 with the purpose of managing the fees for related and private copy rights of Phonogram Producers and Performing Artists provided by the Copyright Law in Italy and abroad.

FEM (Federation of Music Publishers) represents over sixty of the most prominent and representative publishing companies. FEM’s mission is to protect, promote and assist all those who create and publish music. Large multinational publishing groups, as well as small, medium and large national publishing companies find a home in FEM. ANEM (National Association of Music Publishers), which represents the small and medium-sized independent industry, and ADEIDJ (Association of Independent Jazz Labels), are also affiliated with FEM.

KeepOn LIVE is the Trade Association of Italian Live Clubs and Festivals of original live music. It represents industry interests by interacting with over 200 organizations in Italy and Europe thanks to Live DMA, the Association of European Live Venues co-founded by the European Commission. –

PMI, the Association of Independent Music Producers, founded in 2005, includes more than 140 Italian independent companies, including the most important in the sector, covering more than 25 percent of the Italian market. It is part of “Confindustria Cultura Italia,” is a signatory of the CCNLs (National Labor Collective Agreements) and represents the Italian independent discography on the Board of IMPALA, (Independent Music Company Association), with which it actively collaborates with to give more muscle and support to independent companies while bridging the gap between the major players and independents in the industry.

SCF manages the collection and distribution of fees due to record producers and artists for the public use of recorded music. It represents about 450 record producers and protects more than 20 million songs. The SCF license enables the dissemination of quality music using all means of reproduction.

The organization and artistic curatorship of MMW is entrusted to the Fondazione Italia Music Lab, a hub born from SIAE’s mission to support Italian music creators. The Foundation’s mission is twofold: on the one hand, it supports the promotion and development of Italian music both in our country and abroad, and on the other hand, it offers training to artists and professionals on music business issues, explaining complex concepts in a simple way.